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Customer prefer Online shopping with tablet over Smartphone

Customer prefer Online shopping with tablet over Smartphone

Customer prefer Online shopping with tablet over Smartphone – Gone are those days when customer roam store to store to purchase their needy items or goods. Today we all have multipurpose smartphones and tablet which can be used in shopping at online. Today many e-commercial websites allow purchase of items through e-wallet (credit card/Debit card/ cash card). The friendliness of website on desktop, tablet and smartphone varies due to technical reason. So, most of the website are switching to tablet or smartphone mode. Some statistics shows more preferences over tablet than our smartphones which are illustrated below. Since smartphones are mostly used to locate a store, check prices, peruse shopping lists and redeem mobile coupons.

Customer prefer Online shopping with tablet over Smartphone

According to eMarketer, a company estimated that tablets overtook phone in 2012 where 6.2 percent for tablets and 4.4 percent for phones were recorded. Whereas smartphones ranges upto 5.3 percent only. There are many factors which rated the tablet highest. The large screen of tablet ease web surfing and shopping with more pleasant experience. The average sale amount per purchase is higher on tablets than on any other smartphones/ desktop/ laptops. US e-commerce sales via mobile ranges 15 percent in 2013, 24 percent in 2016, 11 percent in 2012 which recorded highest sale of tablets.

There are lots of ways to shop through tablets and smartphones, but popular among them are through apps and mobile optimized website. Since due to abundance of smartphones in the market, companies are allowing user friendly apps to these customers. They can shop easily with their smartphones to avoid reaching at door to door retailer market. The online shopping activity multiplied with the use of digital wallet which allow user to store their financial information like credit & debit card details at one place.

With too many advantages, online shopping has some pitfalls related to security. Since security is always a concern while shopping online using credit or debit card information. Malware spread by online hackers to grab financial information would happen. But when you pay using Paypal it will secure your financial details with safety measures. Some thinks that online shopping is killing markets of physical stores. The physical store allow user to see, touch items with their own.

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