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Create Xbox Gaming Clubs and Parties in Windows 10

Create Xbox Gaming Clubs and Parties in Windows 10

Create Xbox Gaming Clubs and Parties in Windows 10 – If you are a game lover and want to create your own gaming clubs or parties, then this article would be beneficial for you. To play online, one need a partner on the other end. Then you choose to play on an Xbox console or a Windows 10 PC. With the help of pre-installed Xbox app, you can easily join global clubs or your own club with own friend lists.

Create Xbox Gaming Clubs and Parties in Windows 10

How to create Xbox Gaming Clubs & Parties?

  • Open the Xbox app and Go to ‘Clubs’ section from the left menu. Here you will see clubs that are active on your area and the clubs that are relevant to the games you play on console. The clubs are categorized public and private mode to make it easy to find a relevant club.
  • In order to create your own club, click on ‘Create a Club’ available on upper right side of the menu. Then choose the type of club i.e. Public, Private or completely hidden. Where hidden clubs are only be requested to join the invited ones and only members can play games in protected or hidden clubs.
  • After creating your favorite club, a user need to customize it according to their usage. The customization includes setting a profile picture, changing the background picture and posing accent color. You can also set a tag ‘tags’ so that you can easily find your club and players associated with the tags joined group. Finally, you need to choose the game that the club is going to host. The apps provide you facility to add upto 25 games that the club will host.
  • Now your club is almost ready. Invite some players to it and go on. There is facility of chatting with each other using the built-in chat engine.

How to start a party in your club?

After creating Club, it is the time to play with your players online. You can now join an existing running party or create a one by yourself. For this go to your club and under the ‘Looking for Group’ tab, you will find an option as Start a new club party. So, you can create a new post related to party and post it in you group friends specifying tags and other details like game time and no of players.

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