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Cortana Search Panel turns White on Windows

Cortana Search Panel turns White on Windows

In latest Windows, Cortana is a tool acts like Personal Assistant (PA). If we need to find something special it will help you lot. If you need to know more about it click here. Search bar is the actual place where we can access facilities of Cortana PA. In this article we focus on display related issues with Cortana. Although the Cortana Search bar looks black by default but what to do if Cortana Search bar looks white? There are few fixing methods to turn Search panel Black.

Methods to fix “Cortana Search Panel turns White on Windows”

There are three fixation methods to switch search bar to black. We will follow each of them to fix the issue discussed above. Windows offer two default app modes – Light & Dark mode. The two modes on the following surface are – Start, taskbar, action center & Title bars. The fixations are “Set default App mode”, “Change Registry Value” and “Change Regional Settings”.

  • Set Default App Mode

Go to Start and click on Settings. Navigate & Click on Personalisation. Now go to left section of the Window. Find and click on Colors section. When Colors section is open switch to the bottom. Now switch to “Choose your default app mode” heading. There are two options available under this heading. These are Light and Dark.

Start > Settings > Personalisation > Colors > Click on Light or Dark option.

  • Change White Search box DWORD value

It is recommended to create a restore point first, so that we can regain previous settings. Now open Run command window (Press Win + R key) and type regedit. As a result Registry Editor Window will open. Now navigate to following path –


Now switch to right section of the Window and double click on Value. Now assign Value data to “0” if it was “1”. As a result, search bar color changes to black/ grey.

  • Change the Regional Settings of PC

Go to Start and click on Settings. Now navigate to Time & Language. Switch to Region & Language. Set the Country/ Region location to place where Cortana is not available (Like Gabon). Apply the changes. This will change the Color of the panel. Now Sign out and Sign in back again. Sign in with your default Country/ Region and hence problem is solved.

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