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Convert Email address into Custom link by using

Convert Email address into Custom link by using

Convert Email address into Custom link by using – Now a days, social media like Facebook, Twitter and Electronic mailing services uses E-mail Address in large extent for personal and official work. During online activity we usually leave our E-mail open at classified sites which make easy susceptible target for spam activity done by Email harvesters and Spam Robots.

These spam robots and email harvesters are constantly browsing these public sites to collect a new easy accessible victim emails. Here we suggest to refer a website named to prevent sharing of your email address on such public sites. This site will convert these email address into a short and safe custom URL link which can safely be shared on the internet, social sites, forums etc. Now this email address can be used as a safe scrimmed URL which should be used by the user at any public sites, without any fear.

People willing to email you, will use this scrimmed URL to reveal your email address and proceed. The sender has to use your URL to send messages. Now if you accidentally forget your URL, it is easy to recover it.

How to recover or edit URL?

  1. Go to the main page of and insert your email address.
  2. Now your URL appears there with a message and a link to perform edit. If you want to edit Go to the next step.
  3. Now click the link and press the email button to allow scrim to email instructions associated with it.
  4. Now a secret key will be sent to user email account. Now paste the key in the empty field provided there and ready to see a new

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