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Conversion iPhone to  iTunes on Windows 10

Conversion iPhone to  iTunes on Windows 10

Conversion iPhone to  iTunes on Windows 10Conversion iPhone to  iTunes on Windows 10 – Apple provides iTunes as a software for managing, adding audio, adding video and also helps us in playing them. You can also get access to iTunes Store for sync and adding more digital media collection to the iOS device.
iTunes sync feature helps us in matching the content of the iOS device to the iTunes Library content on the users computer. It is also useful as if we delete any iTunes content it gets automatically deleted from the iOS device as the instance we remove it from the library.

Sync iOS device with iTunes using USB on Windows 10

Install the iTunes on your Computer or Laptop.
Now connect your iOS device using USB on Windows PCs
Open the iTunes on your Computer.
Check the connected device on the left side on the iTunes page. It will display the list of connected devices that can be synced.
On the left side bar we will get the content like Music, TV and other syncable device.
Click on the checkbox to sync all the category that we want to sync automatically by plugging your device on your system.
Now click on Apply and let it sync and let it complete the process. After that eject your device from the PCs.
Click on Summary and untick all those option with iTunes when the device is connected.

Process of Setting up Prompt for all device before sync.

Go to Edit and Click on Preference and click on option displaying “Prevent iPhones, iPads from syncing automatically”.

Click on OK and Apply Changes.

Sync iPads with iTunes on Windows 10 using wifi

We can also perform all these function using a wifi connection if we don’t have a USB drive. We just needs to initial setup using wifi instead of a USB Drive.

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