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Connect iPhone with Windows 10 using Continue on PC feature

Connect iPhone with Windows 10 using Continue on PC feature

Connect iPhone with Windows 10 using Continue on PC feature – Recently Windows 10 has added a new update namely “Window 10 Fall Creators Update” which will be used to connect your iPhone or Smart Phone with Personal Computer. Now photos, videos, other media can be browse easily with your PC instead of going through the mobiles. A new application namely – Continue of PC, will be visible on Window 10 fall Creators Update. Now browsing sessions can be established between iPhone and PC through a new feature called as “Continue on PC”. Both iOS and Android mobile operating system can be connected with the PC with the help of Continue on PC app. The Users are required to follow few steps in order to use such a new application.

Continue on PC application in Windows 10 Operating System for iOS

The Steps to create connectivity between iPhones and PC are given below.

  1. Go to the Setting Panel and follow Windows 10 fall Creators Update build.
  2. There you see Phone Icon, click on it to establish connectivity.
  3. Once linked, iPhone will receives a SMS with a link to the app store to download and install it.
  4. After installing the iPhone app from Microsoft from on your iOS device user is required to press share button in your iPhone’s or iPads browser and select the “Continue on PC” option.
  5. During whole process, the user have to log in with a Microsoft account.

Suppose a user has open a webpage on his/her phone and want it open on PC then, the iPhone user has to invoke the native share experience on his/her iPhone and the website to the “Continue on PC” option. Next click on the “…….” Or “More” option to add this test app to your share menu. There user will find two options namely – Continue now and continue later. Where continue now will process further and continue later will resume it for later processing.

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