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Computer restarts automatically reboot loop

Computer restarts automatically reboot loop

Computer restarts automatically reboot loop – Every time when we Switch On the PC, it reboots again & again without break. This looping reboot is due to several reasons. We need to identify the correct one and fix it easily. The possible reasons be hardware failure, computer overheating, Windows update issues, Stop errors etc. Notice that restart goes with or without warning. In this article, we discuss each of the issue and their respective solutions.Computer restarts automatically reboot loop

Procedure to fix Computer restarts automatically reboot loop

Read all related issues and search the one resembles with your PC. Tally the problem present in your PC and follow the fixing procedure given here.

What to do if PC reboots after Blue Screen or Stop Error?

When PC repeatedly reboot leaving blue screen or stop error this fixings must be followed. Go to Search bar and type Control Panel. Now navigate to System. Click on Advanced System Settings. Then click on Advanced tab. Navigate to Start-up and Recovery heading. Click on Settings button present there. Under System failure, uncheck the option “Automatically restart”. Click on OK and exit.


What to do if rebooting occurs due to hardware failure?

The hardware failure occurs due to issues on RAM, Hard drive, Power Supply, Graphics card, etc.

What to do if problem arises due to Drivers?

Sometimes device driver might create trouble which results in rebooting loop. It may be possible that device drivers are updated incompletely. So, it requires complete updating or we can roll back the driver to earlier version.

What to do if rebooting occurs due to malware issue?

Sometimes computer might be infected with malware which results in loop rebooting. In such case perform deep scan of your system. So, scan full system with a reliable antivirus program.

What to do if problem occurs due to incomplete Windows Update?

If rebooting continues due to update related issues then follow procedures given below. In this case start computer in Safe Mode or follow Advanced Boot options. Few more things to follow to handle the issue like Automatic repair and windows update using Group policy/Registry editor.

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