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Computer hardware evolution and basics

Computer hardware evolution and basics

Computer hardware evolution and basics – A computer is made up of two important and necessary entity known as Hardware and Software. Both of them simultaneously work to accomplish any task provided by the intended user. Software is nothing but a sort of coding or programming which entitled to do concern work or job. The main job of computer software is to initiate and tell hardware to do certain task.

Computer hardware evolution and basics

We have heard about Windows, photoshop, web browsers, media player; all these are the types of software. And Hardware are the physical components assembled together to build a complete computer. Computer hardware consists of many physical devices which are attached together are Monitor, CPU, Processor, hard drive, Mother board, I/O device, USB and Internal hardware components. Each of this hardware has its own properties and functions.

Among all these hardware CPU is the main building blocks of the computer. In 1980, the Computer was big, bulky and expensive which was small enough to fit into a single room. But with the introduction of Silicon material the size of the processor reduces to few inches. Today CPUs are tiny in size but they are capable of massive and speedy calculations. Today a Case holds all the components with a large area for motherboard. A cooling fan is there to keep the processor cool. A PSU is there to handle the power conversion for all the parts of a computer.

The motherboard acts as the nervous system of the computer. A hard drive possessing large memory space to save any Information. The overall circuitry is laid around the motherboard area. Upon which various small electronic components like capacitor, resistance, diode, transistor and other are fixed. A slot for RAM is also provided there. All hardware device big or small are directly connected with the motherboard of a computer.

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