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Chrome Browser showing Network Failed Error

Chrome Browser showing Network Failed Error

Chrome Browser showing Network Failed Error – Google Chrome is one the popular browser widely used on PCs. It comprises several unique features leaving work simple. But sometimes it does not respond well and show an error on the screen. The quote showing on error would be “NETWORK_FAILED“. There will be option to reload the content but it does not work. The browser is not able to send your request via network connection. The mechanism behind the error might be many.

Chrome Browser showing Network Failed Error

It might be possible that Internet connection is not active. It might be possible that some Proxy plugin leading the interruption. Sometimes Virus or Malware creating the trouble. What may be the reason? we will solve it successfully. In this article we will diagnose & eliminate the culprit. Read the full article to fix Chrome Browser showing Network Failed Error.

Procedure to Fix Chrome Browser showing Network Failed Error

  • Disable Unused Chrome Extensions –

Most of the user make use of chrome extensions to make work simple. It is possible that any of them is creating the problem. So, we request you to disable them one by one. Doing such will encounter the real culprit. We can get chrome extensions by typing chrome://extensions in address bar. As a result, all extensions are shown. Disable each of them & restart chrome to see if problem is solved. Else disable the next one. Continue the process till end. Read the next procedure if this didn’t work.

  • Perform Malware Scan & Cleanup Tool

This will clear unwanted things spreading on Chrome memory. These unwanted pages overload the memory resulting network error. These are unwanted ads, pop-ups, startup pages, malwares etc. We can run Clean up tool by typing chrome://settings/ cleanup on address bar. Perform scanning & see if problem is solved, else read below.

  • Reset Chrome Settings

We can reset Chrome Settings to make it fresh. Resetting the browser will delete Cookies, Cache & Site data present in memory. It will disable all extensions, themes & add-ons too. To reset Google chrome settings type Chrome://settings on address bar. Login with authentic Account. Navigate below to “Reset browser settings“. Now click on button “Reset browser settings”.

  • Flushing DNS & Resetting TCP/IP

If PC is facing DNS issue, then we need to flush the Windows DNS Cache. This is due to DNS cache poisoning & spoofing. We can flush DNS cache using command prompt. Open Command Prompt Window with Admin privilege. Now type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter. As a result, DNS cache is flushed. We can reset TCP/IP with the following code being typed in Command prompt. Open the command prompt & type netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt.

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