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Check how much Hard drive do we use

Check how much Hard drive do we use

Check how much Hard drive do we use – Gone are the days when we use MBs and though that it was enough for us. But with the time being our desire of MB raised upto GB and then TB. Today most of us are using larger valued hard drives i.e. TB. Suppose if we want to keep an entire music collection or downloaded serial episodes in our computer, then we need a larger space such as Giga or Tera. In mid 90s, Mac had offered 120 to 160 MB of hard drive which could hold only 50 songs.

Check how much Hard drive do we use

And now Seagate has just released a hard drive of 1 terabyte storage per square inch. Now the question arises is that – Is it worth to get a hard drive which is huge or a skew small which can be extended as per need? In real sense what you put on your hard drive matters most. Where there is any need to expand it or not? Let us consider two cases.

Case I – A user having lots of graphic program would require more space than one who only do textual job in word processor. Since thought that hard drive meant more for us than just storage is relevant. There are two type of storage we can use to store our data. These two are disk type hard drive and Solid-state drives. Disk type hard drive – A magnetic disk which spin fast to record and store data.

This is mostly used when we do not carry laptops for data. Solid State Drives (SSD) are different from Disk type in the sense, they use same mechanism as flash drive use for storage. In some case our hard drive capacity does not matter either it is gigantic or small. Since the processing speed of RAM do not bother or rely on disk drive capacity. Since the storage between 120 to 700 MB is the standard one for low level storage usages.

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