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How to Privately Change Profile Picture in Facebook

How to Privately Change Profile Picture in Facebook

Change Profile Picture in FacebookChange Profile Picture in Facebook – Today Facebook is the most enjoyed social media platform where millions of users spend a lot of time. They can easily share Pictures, videos, blogs and other things publicly with their community members. We also enjoy changing our profile picture and cover photo with ease. Whenever you change your profile picture with a new one, the community member gets notified with the update that you have changed the profile picture or cover photo. If you want to change the profile picture without notifying anyone in the Facebook, then this article is suitable for you. In this article we have focused on steps to Privately change profile picture in Facebook. These steps are also applied on Facebook Cover Photos.

How to Change Profile Picture without Notifying Anyone?

If you have already uploaded a photo for your profile then it will automatically set as Public mode and will notify all the members of your community. But if you want to keep it secret at the time of changing the profile picture then continue reading.

How to Privately Change Profile Picture in Facebook?

Log into your Facebook Account and hover your mouse over your existing profile picture. You will get an option “Update Profile Picture”. Just click on it. Then upload the photo which you want to set as profile picture by clicking on “Upload photo”. Automatically it will be notified to every one but if you want to keep it secret then Navigate your mouse over Globe Sign visible next to the date/time. Open the drop-down menu and select Only me. Now refresh the page and see that it is set as private.

EASY STEPS – Login > Navigate to Profile Picture > Update Profile Picture > Upload Photo > Globe Sign Drop down button > Select Only me > Save and Exit.

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