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Change Facebook Profile Picture Leaving All Unknown

Change Facebook Profile Picture Leaving All Unknown

Change Facebook Profile Picture Leaving All Unknown – Today, we spend lots of time in Social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, YouTube, Twitter etc. We love to share Images & Videos with our friends via these platforms. These applications are largely used on Smartphones. We need to download concerned apps from inbuilt software, Play Store in Android Platform.

After downloading the App, we create an ideal account with a profile picture. We join the network by sending friend request. When request is accepted, we are added to such a community. In this article we take a close look on Facebook. Facebook is vastly used all around the world. Two person residing miles away can also share their views easily.

Change Facebook Profile Picture Leaving All Unknown

Whenever we open Facebook, lots of Images & Videos are seen with gentle scroll. In this article we focus on an interesting thing say Profile Picture. In Facebook, we can easily set a Profile Picture & Cover Photo of our choice. We can also change it with a new one easily. But one thing must be noted that, whenever we set a new profile picture, it is known to everybody in seconds.

Is there any way to hide it? Yes, it is possible with a simple step. For creating Facebook Profile Picture, we need to upload it from our desktop. A simple logic is hidden behind publicly viewing of profile picture. There is a Settings available in Facebook to hide newly updated profile picture. Same is the case with Facebook Cover photo.

There are five different options for notifying the Content being uploaded by you. In simple terms, the picture can only be viewed by person decided by us. Such options are Public, Friends, Friends Except, Specific friends, Only me & Custom.

So, in order to hide the current profile picture from all, we need to apply “Only me“. Now the question is How to apply this setting. Read the full article to know more.

Procedure to Change Facebook Profile Picture Leaving All Unknown

Procedure1:Login the Facebook Account.

Procedure2: Upload the New Profile Picture

Procedure3: Navigate to Globe Sign with arrow.

Procedure4: Select the Appropriate Option

Procedure to Change Facebook Profile Picture Leaving All Unknown

Procedure1: Open the Facebook application. Switch to login section. Provide the login Id and Password. Press Enter. Now Facebook is opened successfully.

Procedure2: Now Navigate to Home Section present in top. On left side of Home, User account with photo is available. Click on it. Navigate to Profile Picture. It will ask you to Update the Profile Picture. Click on Update. There will be option to upload a New One or Add Frame to already available profile picture. After uploading a new one, Click on OK.

Procedure3: You are viewing new profile picture now. With the Account Name, a message is showing “……. Updated his profile picture“. Now click on arrow sign besides Globe image. You can view six type of options now.

Procedure4: According to the article we need to hide the profile picture completely. So, click on option saying “Only me“. You can easily understand the other option too. Apply the one suitable for you.

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