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Can we calculate how much energy do Internet use

Can we calculate how much energy do Internet use

Can we calculate how much energy do Internet use – We all know the Newton’s third law of Motion – Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it changes from one form to another. A computer we have in our home or office also consume energy or say electricity. We have to pay the rental bill to the concerned electric department. We can easily calculate the energy consumed by our computer in a month. But can we calculate the energy consumption by Internet? Since the answer is quite difficult.

Can we calculate how much energy do Internet use

Since Internet is an interlink of networks of networks and each network consists of large no of computers and computers consume power. In order to estimate energy consumption, we need to consider consumption of every components that connects the whole system. Since billions of devices makes the Internet. To know more about internet, we must refer to Data Centers.

The Data Centers are collection of computers which acts as the back-end support of a system. Since internet relies on massive data centers which contains millions of computers. A data center contains Web servers, database computer, mainframes or combination of all. The data centers were traditionally popular for business to maintain their own data centers. But today, many businesses deeply rely on Cloud based Services. The cloud based service type data centers have hundreds of thousands of machines kept in large buildings.

Since the data is kept on multiple machines in cloud based services. This is because if one computer fails for any reason the customer data can be accessed with other machine. So, these numbers of computers require enormous energy to function. In 2011, Barath Raghavan and Justin Ma of ICSI and University of California, took on the task of calculating the amount of electricity the Internet requires. They include all the power consumption to build computers, network connections, cell phone towers and other connected hardware. They called that embodied energy as “emergy”. They also include other internet elements and weighted each category of device with a minimum and max value of energy requirement.

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