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Bluetooth Device Not Connecting or Showing on Windows 10

Bluetooth Device Not Connecting or Showing on Windows 10

Bluetooth Device Not Connecting or Showing on Windows 10 – This article would be helpful for troubleshooting Bluetooth Connectivity issues. The Bluetooth application is turned ON. But it is unable to connect the Bluetooth device outside. Connections with the Bluetooth devices just fail within the moments. The Bluetooth devices might be Headphone, Keyboard, Mouse, etc. It is easy to turn on Bluetooth on computer. Sometimes these finding problems are solved automatically by restarting the Bluetooth application. But in some cases we need to troubleshoot “Bluetooth Device Not Connecting or Showing on Windows 10” with steps given below.Bluetooth Device Not Connecting or Showing on Windows 10

Pairing is already done while connectivity is not established. This is generally seen on cases where upgradation is done from Windows 8 to Windows 10. This topic is quite interesting and need attention. It is recommended first clarify the error message displayed on the screen then select the steps suitable against it.

Procedure to fix “Bluetooth Device Not Connecting or Showing on Windows 10”

  • Ensure Bluetooth Audio Service Enabled – (In case of Bluetooth Speaker)

Ensure that the Bluetooth Speaker Settings is enabled. If it is disabled, enable it and check if problem is solved.

How to enable Bluetooth Audio Service? (After connecting the Speaker)

Press Windows + X key combo and select the Control Panel from the list. If you didn’t find Control Panel there, Go to Search bar & type Control Panel. Now navigate to Devices and Printers & Click on it. In Devices & Printers, navigate to Bluetooth Speaker device. Now right click and select Properties option. In new window switch to Services tab. Tick mark on options such as Advanced Audio, Hands Free Telephony and Remote Control.

  • Restart Bluetooth Support Service –

You may check the support services status, whether is running smoothly or not. Open run command window by pressing Win Key + R combo. Type services.msc and press enter. Now navigate to “Bluetooth Support Service” and right click on it. Select Restart from the menu. After restarting, navigate to Properties option. Then Bluetooth support service properties window will open. Go to Startup type and select automatic from the drop down menu.Bluetooth Device Not Connecting or Showing on Windows 10

  • Run Hardware and Device Troubleshooter

There is built in Troubleshooter present in Windows. This will scan for issues being generated during connectivity. It also ensures new device correct installation.

How to Run Hardware and Device Troubleshooter?

Go to Search bar and type Troubleshooter & Press Enter. Navigate to Hardware and Sound and click it. Follow the instructions in the wizard till end.

  • Update Bluetooth Device Driver –

Type Win+R to open Run Command Window. Type “devmgmt.msc” to Open Device Manager. Navigate to Bluetooth. Expand Bluetooth. Navigate to Bearinstinct. Right click to open properties. Then click on Driver tab. Finally click on Update Driver button & OK.

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