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Block Third Party App Installation in Windows 10

Block Third Party App Installation in Windows 10

What is Third Party Application?

The application which are not available in Windows store and developed by unknown sources or say third party. Microsoft didn’t trust such type of application. Sometimes these apps end up as a ransomware victim. In security point of view these apps are not good for any Windows.

What is Application Installation Control feature?

Microsoft has included this feature to prevent Windows from installing Third party application. You need to enable this feature. After enabling this feature Windows Stop installation of third party application and allow only apps from Windows Store. Windows will show error message while installing any third-party apps.

Earlier user use third party apps to block installation of other untrusted application. But now they didn’t require such an apps. Because Microsoft has added the Application Installation Control feature to stop untrusted app installation.

According to Microsoft the apps present in Windows Store is the safest one to install in our Windows PC. Now we will learn how to enable the Application installation control feature.

Procedure to Block Third Party App Installation in Windows 10

To start this feature, Go to Search bar and enter Settings. Then Settings window will open containing lots of settings elements. You need to select Apps > Apps & features. The Settings> Apps > Apps & features window look like –Block Third Party App Installation in Windows 10In the right-hand side of the page you will find an option called “Installing apps“. There is a drop-down menu below Installing apps. It contains three options as defined by Microsoft. The default option is set to “Allow apps from anywhere“. The other two options are –

  1. Warn me before installing apps from outside the Store
  2. Allow apps from the Store only.

The user need to select “Allow apps form the Store only” in order to block all other program installation into the PC. Then users are bound to install application from Windows Store Only.

Next, if we choose “Warn me before installing apps from outside the Store” as an option, then Window will leave you with two critical options namely – Get apps from Store and Install anyway. The pictorial view of above options is given below. The picture shows a prompt message “The app you’re trying to install isn’t a verified app from the store”.

Block Third Party App Installation in Windows 10

So, select the one which is appropriate according to you. You need to confirm third party apps before installing into your PC. If you select the option “Allow Apps from the store only”, then Window will show a message saying “Your PC’s settings only let it install verified apps from the Store”. The image view of such an option is given below.Block Third Party App Installation in Windows 10In the above image you will see a blue link “Open Settings”. If you click Open Settings link, you will be navigated to Apps & features settings in the Setting panel window.

What to do if you have multiple accounts in Windows?

You need to enable this feature in every account in your Windows.

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