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Best Wireless mouse for PC and Laptop

Best Wireless mouse for PC and Laptop

Best Wireless mouse for PC and LaptopWireless technology is growing day by day in the technical industry and an important part is wireless mouse. Long ago the wireless mouse where used to be laggy, slow and unresponsive. But the growing technology has evolved drastically and became more functional and efficient.

Now, the generation has changed to optical and laser mice and their demand is growing day by day. With the growing option in the market it became very difficult to select which wireless will be best for you. So for your convinence best 3 mouse have been selected for use.

  1. Microsoft Surface Mouse.

Best Wireless mouse for PC and LaptopThis mouse has been made for working on great range of convertible technical jobs. This mouse is elegant, sleek, attractive looking and nicely crafted. We don’t need any USB to connect this as this is wireless and the laser tracks down the movement of mouse and all its accuracy.

This Mouse was designed for according use of Microsoft Surface Tablet but it alo works on Windows 10 tablets, Android device, Mac OS and many more.

  1. Logitech MX master 2S Wireless Mouse.

This Logitech mouse is good enough for sensitive gaming as well. This mouse is really comfortable for right handers but a lefties won’t find it so comfortable. It is featured with 7 Buttons and 500 mAh battery that needs to be charged up for only 3 minutes but can last for a whole day.

There is multiple connectivity option we can either use Bluetooth 4.0 or USB dongle 2.4 GHz. Through thumb wings we can get a quick access to backward and forward thumb buttons.

It has Logitech Darkfield high precision laser to track down the every thinnest movement.

  1. Razer Mamba Hyper Flux.

These mice are the official trend prevailing now a day. It is the world’s lightest gaming mouse without any sort of internal battery.  Firefly Hyper Flux mouse pad is the part of the device and mouse can work only when we will use it with Hyper Flux holds power for 10 sec.

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