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Best VR Technologies 2018


Virtual technology is steadily progressing because of its scope and today, there are a lot of companies that are investing in Virtual Reality and are dishing out new products every now and then. Companies like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard HTC Vive are some of the best names in the VR Industry. 2018 is already dubbed as the year of the VR since many of the known companies are coming out with Best VR Technologies 2018.

Currently, VR headsets are available either for consoles/PC’s or for mobiles. Here are some of them from both the categories-

Best VR Headsets for PCs and consoles-

  1. Oculus Rift- The Oculus Rift is the VR technology that the world desperately needs right now. With impressive configurations that include a 2160X1200 resolution, 90 Hz refresh rate and works at staggering 233 million pixels second. The company was founded by Palmer Luckey and funded via Kickstarter which was later scooped up by Facebook. Price: $399 . This is one of the best VR Technologies 2018.
  2. HTC Vibe- The HTC Vibe is made in collaboration with Valve, the computer games giant and works in accordance with Steam, Valve’s ecosystem. The HTC Vibe has 70 sensors that offer a 360-degreeview of the virtual environment. The Vibe has the ability to go wireless as well due to its own wireless module. Price: $599
  3. Sony PlayStation VR- Affordable and stylish, the PlayStation VR is mainly for gaming purposes and although its tech features are not extraordinary but still it is expected to sell quite well. Sony is one of the few companies that are ahead in the VR market when it comes to sales. Price: $499
  4. Samsung Odyssey/Windows Mixed Reality- The Samsung Odyssey has a 110-degree field of vision and two 1400X1600 AMOLED displays for a more realistic experience. Price: $499
    Best VR Technologies 2018

    Best VR Technologies 2018

Microsoft is investing in a mixed reality platform where it partners with other tech giants such as HP, Lenovo, and Acer. The Microsoft VR model has two variants- one with dedicated graphics cards for PCs and one for PCs having integrated graphics card. Price: Around $300


Best mobile VR headsets-

  1. Google Cardboard- Because of Google’s dream to make VR accessible for everyone, it has developed Cardboard, which as its name suggests is a literal piece of cardboard that can be folded into a portable VR headset for mobiles. The VR experience is really good and is worth the small amount of money which is minisculewhen compared to devices by other companies. Price: $15


  1. Samsung Gear VR- The Samsung Gear has a 101-degree viewing angle and also spots a dark tint for reducing glare and reflections. The VR device works best with only some models (phones) of the Samsung Brand, but it is compatible with other devices as well. If the user has a Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ or an S7 or S7 Edge then this is one of the best VR devices to use. Price: $129


  1. Merge VR Goggles- The Merge supports a wide variety of devices including iPhones. Because of the soft material (foam) used, the device is both lightweight and comfortable. The device can be further adjusted according to requirements. Price: $49.99

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