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What is SuperComputer?

What is SuperComputer? Definition: A SuperComputer is a high level Computer capable of processing with very high Speed, Accuracy and can do very complex jobs, which a simple computer can never process. This supercomputer require very large amount of raw…

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Computer Hardware Physical Components

Computer Hardware Physical Components Definition: Computer Hardware Physical Components - Computer hardware is the collection of physical components that combined together to functionalise a computer system. Computer hardware are the physical parts or components of a computer, example are monitor, Plotter, Microphones,…

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Computer Software Computer Program

Computer Software Computer Program Definition: Computer Software is a program which consists of specific line of codes/ instruction, which a computer machine execute in order to access dedicated hardware and process desired result/ task. Examples – Word Processor, Antivirus software,…

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Client Server Model in Networks

Client Server Model in Networks Client Server Model in Networks - Definition - The client-server model is a distributed communication Channel of networking processes between service requestors, clients and service providers. The client-server model is established within a network or…

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