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AnyRun Online Malware Analysis Tool

AnyRun Online Malware Analysis Tool

AnyRun Online Malware Analysis ToolAnyRun Online Malware Analysis Tool – When we are online we are bound to think about the threat being posed by malwares. We apply all types of mechanism to protect our system from it. But does we have any tool which allows us to play with these malware in a secure environment. In this article we will read about such tool available for us on internet.

The well-known popular tool is Any. Run. It is a malware analysis tool or scanner which allow user to play with viruses in a safe environment. It also allows both static and dynamic research on windows platform. The program is based out of Russia. It was founded by Alexey lap shin in 2016. It is totally interactive than another sandbox analysis tool. Any. Run allows user to simply upload a file and have real time interactions and analysis. The users are not bound to install it on PC.

Procedure to use AnyRun online malware analysis tool

  • Open the tool and click on new task. The new task will be displayed with basic task dialog.

AnyRun Online Malware Analysis Tool

  • Set up a new analysis task. This require few advance settings. Select a file or URL that need to be analyzed. Select the OS for the sandbox. Then select the connectivity type. Select the preloaded software. Set the session’s duration.
  • Click on Run to Launch the Sandbox. It will build an environment to interact with the user and its requested program.AnyRun Online Malware Analysis Tool
  • Monitor Application workings. Now user can interact with the desktop, open the start menu, click on buttons, open the registry editor, open the task manager, etc. normally.AnyRun Online Malware Analysis Tool

Limitation of AnyRun Online malware analysis tool

  • The tool only supports Win 7 32 bit as a virtual environment.
  • User can set max file size upto 16 MB.
  • The file uploaded by a user can be download by anyone on internet. This is a risk for user’s privacy and confidentiality.

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