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Alternate Reality Gaming Interactive Experience

Alternate Reality Gaming Interactive Experience

Alternate Reality Gaming Interactive Experience – The alternate reality gaming is also abbreviated as ARG. It is an interactive perception which uses the real world object as a platform to tell a story which may be altered by players ideas or actions. ARGs have frequently used to promote TV Programme, gaming, films and others. It is first described as the narrative art form native to the internet, because the story telling relies on the activities like searching for information and sharing information. The art form is defined by the intense player involvement with a story which occurs in a real time. The player interact directly with characters in the game, solve puzzles, analyse story. ARGs generally use multimedia device such as telephone, email which rely on Internet as the central power.

Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) Terminology:-

These terms are necessary to understand ARGs in simple and precise manner.

  1. Puppet Master – It is also abbreviated as PM, which is responsible for running an ARG. Puppet masters are simultaneously exhibits ease and obstacles to the player base which creates obstacles and providing resources for overcoming them in the course of telling the game’s story. Puppet masters are present behind the curtain while a game is running. The real figure or identity of puppet master may or may not be known afterwards.
  2. The Curtain – The curtain is generally a medium which creates separation between the puppet masters and the players. This can be easily understand by traditional form of secrecy regarding the puppet masters’ identities or refer merely to the notion that puppet masters do not communicate directly with players through the game, but interact through the characters and the game architecture.
  3. Trailhead – A possible clue which enables a player to discover a way into the game. Most of the ARGs imparts number of trailheads in several media, by increasing the probability of people discovering the game.

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