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Airtel Payment Bank UPI Integrated Service Advantages

Airtel Payment Bank UPI Integrated Service Advantages

Airtel Payment Bank UPI Integrated Service Advantages – With the advancement in digital technology the transaction process of banking sectors has increased a lot. The one such technology is Unified Payments Interface (UPI) which when integrated with payment system allows 24 hours a day, seven days a week or says unlimited period transactions.

Airtel Payment Bank UPI Integrated Service Advantages

The technology is embedded on Payment Bank in India by Bharti Airtel. Airtel was one of the first companies who had launched Payment Banks in India. Now it has integrated the UPI service with its existing payment bank. Since UPI has been proved a boon for online monetary transaction. Now users are not required to wait for links for single transaction on Banks. They can use this UPI service to gain access their accounts all the time.

It is the best way to access your money on your phone. It is one of the biggest advancement you have ever experienced with online payments. Airtel introducing Airtel Payments Bank UPI (Unified Payments Interface) one stop shop for secure digital payments and money transfers.

Before UPI Services Users need to…

Remember details like account number or IFSC code.

Download multiple bank apps

Wait for hours to register a beneficiary

Load money in you mobile wallet before you pay for anything.

After UPI Services Users need to…

Download the My Airtel app and start using Airtel Payments Bank UPI

Get a Virtual Payment address (VPA) with your like manoj@airtel or 9999999999@airtel.

Pay and receive money instantly 24*7 even on bank holidays.

Access all bank accounts from one app

Pay bills for mobile, utilities, groceries, shopping, insurance premium etc.

It will be extremely helpful for users who have multiple bank accounts. No need carry your wallet or purse to pay bills for utilities, shopping and others. Also helpful during festive seasons when banks are closed for multiple days.

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