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Agrilaser Autonomics to Protect Farm Crops from Hungry Birds

Agrilaser Autonomics to Protect Farm Crops from Hungry Birds

Agrilaser Autonomics to Protect Farm Crops from Hungry BirdsAgrilaser Autonomics to Protect Farm Crops from Hungry Birds – Gone are days when farmers used to create a black ugly creature from straws to frighten off hungry birds from their yielding farm lands. The traditional technique does not work efficiently as compared to One which we deal in this article. Since the new technique is based on emission of laser beam to scare birds the most.

The Netherland based Company – Bird Control Group has manufactured an automated mounted laser gun called Agrilaser Autonomics which has the capability to repel birds continuously from farm land. The laser turrets’ laser is fired around the bushes side by side to make bird believe that there is some physical danger to them, causing them to disperse to seek safety. The Agrilaser Autonomics costing $10000 due laser assets and automated survey mechanism in all. According to the manufacturer – “fully automated bird repelling system that provides continuous bird repelling capability after a one-time configuration”.

For example, about six such automated mounted laser guns are installed on 168-acre farm land to check operational settings. As per operational survey by Oregon blueberry farm, it reduced the number of birds by 99 percent, saving an estimated 578713 pounds of blueberries, of value $99,733. The color of laser beam is green which perceived to be the most intensive color for the birds, which is 8 times more than red color.

The laser beams are filtered to avoid any harmful radiation for birds or environment. Alternatively, we can say that the laser does not pose any physical treat to the birds. The machine would have long lasting effect and the birds will not become accustomed to it.

According to CEO of Bird Control Group, Steinar Henskes – The Company is planning to add detection capabilities so that the lasers would turn on while the arrival of birds or triggered either by radar or camera. The machine will allow farmers to remotely control the laser pattern and pulse as per need.

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