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ADA Computer Programming Language

ADA Computer Programming Language

ADA Computer Programming LanguageADA Computer Programming Language – ADA is a structured & Object Oriented based High level Programming language, which was designed by a team led by Jean Ichbaih of CII Honeywell Bull in France. ADA was named after Assistant of Charles Babbage named Lady Ada Augusta – Countess of Lovelace. ADA was developed in the early 1980s for the U.S. Department of Defence (DOD) for large-scale programming. The language combined Pascal-like notation increasing the ability to package operations and data into independent modules. Ada is an international standard, the current version known as Ada 2005 is said as joint ISO/ANSI standard.

What are the features of ADA Programming Language?

ADA language was designed for embedded and real time systems. It consists of important features like Strong typing, run time checking, modularity mechanisms, message passing, exception handling, generics, etc. Ada is designed for development of very large software systems. The package can compiled separately without the implementation to check for consistency. It also support run time checks to protect against access to unallocated memory, range violations, off by one error, array access error, buffer overflow errors and others. Ada dynamic memory management is safe and of high level.

Some of the important features of ADA language are –

  1. Based on OOPs Concept
  2. System Programming
  3. Exception handling
  4. Concurrent programming
  5. Distributed System Programming
  6. Numeric Processing
  7. Easy interface to other language like C, COBOL, FORTRAN etc.
  8. Generic Programming / Templates
  9. Abstraction to fits program domain

Some of the Benefits of ADA Programming Language are –

  1. It Reduces development costs
  2. Support new and changing concepts
  3. Codes can be easily readable and portable.
  4. Facilitates development of Complex Program
  5. Help programmer to design safe and reliable code.

Ada is an ALGOL like programming language which contains control structures like if, then, else, while, for etc. ADA language uses not only predefined primitive data but also declare their own data types. It also contains features like Packages specification, procedures and functions, which states ADA as one of the best programming language used.

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