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Activation of Ultimate Performance Power Plan

Activation of Ultimate Performance Power Plan

Activation of Ultimate Performance Power PlanActivation of Ultimate Performance Power Plan-  The latest update in Windows was made in April v1803. It is also called as Spring Creator Update. Windows 10 update deals with the latest feature i.e. Ultimate Performance mode. It aims to optimize the performance of the Operating System. It also works as Power plan and is designed for workstation.

The high performance Technique is helpful for gamers or any one with high performance task. This method is helpful only in PCs with high end configuration running is to directly Plug in Power else there is no other way. However this is not useful for Laptop users as it consumes huge amount of Battery but still if you want to access it. We can access it through our gaming experience.

Activating Ultimate Performance Power plan.

This method is used on Servers and other workstation, coined for priority. To make the battery last long we should ensure that there is balanced Power option ON. This method is used only on PCs and other System where battery is not available. If we use it on the Battery Enabled Device it will drain the battery very soon. Microsoft has designed it in such a way that user can get the maximum performance of their hardware. This technique is used on Workstation only.

How to activate Ultimate performance plan.

Update your PCs to latest version of Windows 10 version 1803. We can check it in setting option. For that click on Setting. Go to System and click on about.
Enable Power plan.
Click on Setting and go to System. Click on Power and Sleep and go to Additional Power Setting.
Now customize the power plan and expand the option “Unhide Additional Plans” and click on Ultimate Performance Plan. If we don’t get the option then follow these steps.
Open the command Prompt and enter the command.

Powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61 and select the Ultimate Power Plan.

We can also further customize the option as per our needs.

How to Disable the Ultimate Performance Plan.

Click on Advance Power Option. Click on Change Plan Setting and click on Ultimate Performance Plan and click on Delete it.


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