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Aakash Tablet Features & Specification

Aakash Tablet Features & Specification

Aakash Tablet Features & Specification – The initiative raised by Nicholas Negroponte for “One Laptop per Child” gained momentum in Indians Govt mind. The thought was inspired by a senior official in India’s MHRD to develop a comparable laptop less in price (Aakash Tablet) for students in developing countries like India. The main moto was to bring high speed information and web access to students in remote areas seeking training to become the next generation tech thinkers and problem solvers. The move by Indian Govt was to prove them in the hardware market in context before the public opinion.

Aakash Tablet Features & Specification

There were many claims about the product from both the boosters and detractors that will explain about the future of initiative by Indians. Both IIT and MHRD have learnt from their mistake in Aakash I as subdue product. But the second release proved quite satisfaction. Akash-II tablet being a gift for Indian Students contain a Cortex A8 800 MHz signal core processor, 256 MB of RAM, 2 GB of Internal Memory, 3200 mAh battery having backup of 3 to 4 hours.

The tablet contain two USB inputs, audio in/out, 802.11 Wifi, GPRS Connectivity which should be upgrade to 3G with a separate dongle and data plans. The device weighs 350 gm (0.8 pounds) and 7 inches (17.8) in Size. The screen having resolution of 800 by 400 pixels and running on Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich Operating system. The retail price of Akash tablet is 60 dollars while after subsidizing it will cost 35 dollars for students. The tablet could be made cheaper and meant learner to get into the world more swiftly.

According to Anupam Gupta of India Institute of Technology (IIT) of the 3 million students at 20,000 colleges have around 10 percent their own computers. You might compare that with the “Back to School” sales at American big-box stores and then you will catch why this project is so important. Anything that brings Internet capability to a student’s population said as celebration, because it will further change the world. Success on this project means greater success in more marginal and remote areas across the world which aimed global initiatives like One Laptop per Child.

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