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A Spotify Bug may be harming your hard disk

A Spotify Bug may be harming your hard disk

A Spotify Bug may be harming your hard disk – You may be surprised to know that a bug might be continuously killing you hard disk space. This bug in reality harm such desktop users having most of the popular streaming music programs/ apps. The popular streaming music program Spotify continuously filling up hard disk space. It seems to appear that someone made a big mistake while programming Spotify build. The Spotify bug automatically affect a file containing the string Mercury.db, where the extension .db stands for database.

A Spotify Bug may be harming your hard disk

There is a command called Vacuum which has the property to overwrite the Mercury.db file every few minutes on desktops running Windows, Mac or Linux Operating system. In simple words we can say that the purpose of vacuum process is to repack .db file to consume a least amount of space. Since rewriting the file once is ok, but doing so repeatedly throughout the day engages a lot of data.

The repetition work is active even if the program is in idle mode on computers. The bug is always active and work on background. According to Ars Technica company, the user who faced the problem discovered that their computer was writing and rewriting gigabytes or even terabytes of data continuously on background.

The problem gets complicated if a user had Solid State Drive (SSD), which allow limited number of overwriting cycles. As these cycles are used up, the capacity of drive declines, as a result capacity of drive become too small to write any new data to it. But the problem must have a solution. Spotify says that it has solved the problem with its latest update designed version Spotify 1.0.42. The user need to update existing program with latest version 1.0.42, which automatically stop further disk space drainage.

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