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5 Steps to Keep your Information Secure on the Cloud

5 Steps to Keep your Information Secure on the Cloud

5 Steps to Keep your Information Secure on the Cloud – Today we are using username, password and other confidential data to open and get access various type of online website’s accounts on Internet. This is quite risky due to increasing malicious codes used by hackers to hack someone’s account information, username, password and other important details. In 2011, a hacking group called Lulzsec hacked a popular website named and online services – Sony’s PlayStation Network, challenging the so called website for their security measures. So poor web safety measures result in problem.

The password which we create should be strong or a weak one like 12345 or Iloveyou etc. We may use different passwords for different – different accounts. But remembering to many password is quite difficult. So Internet cloud services may help you a lot. The service enable you to store your data on server rather than hard drive so you can access it from any internet enabled device. Despite this we will talk about five important steps which can be used to secure your data easily.

  1. Create a Strong and Smart Passwords

Never create a password which are easier to remember such as 12345, your name, your mobile number or I love you etc. The best way to create a password is to use combination of letters, numbers and symbols in an unusual manner. Try to capitalize the first or last letter of the password. Write 1 in place of I, 0 in place of O. So once you have created a strong password be sure you are not hacked.

  1. Don’t Reuse or Share you Passwords

Often we use similar password on more than one accounts in order to escape from remembering more passwords. This is bad and never do this. If in case your password is hacked, the hacker would easily gain access to all your accounts you have registered with. So use different passwords for different accounts. Never share your password to anyone, either you trust them or not.

  1. Manage Password with Last Pass

Last Pass is a password management utility that locks all of your unique passwords behind one master password. It means you can create separate login for Email, Facebook, Twitter, Cloud storage and other services. So no need to remember all those passwords. The last Pass would help you create a password which are so complex that can never be cracked easily.

  1. Backup Your Data

The next step may be to back up your data using trusted applications. The data can be lost due to a power surge, fault in hard drive platter, robbery or other unexpected system failure. The trusted platform used for backup may be cloud storage, Dropbox, WindowsLiveskydrive, Amazon Cloud Drive.

  1. Be Cautious during Playing Files and data –

While playing your data or file on internet you must be aware of viruses or spams which may attack your file. In such case you may use Antivirus software to browse smartly and safely. Make sure you are browsing a trustworthy website, free from malicious codes and viruses.

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