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How to fix YouTube Buffering & Slow Run Problem

How to fix YouTube Buffering & Slow Run Problem

How to fix YouTube Buffering & Slow Run Problem - YouTube is the best place to view online videos suitable for everything. It contains abundant source of information related to Entertainment, News, Games, Education, Innovation, Recruitment, Demonstration and Other. It is free of cost and require internet connectivity only. But sometimes we face buffering or slow down issue that halts the normal run of YouTube. As a result, we can't watch our favourite videos at that time. Such problem might continue further and so on.


No need to worry about. We have good solution for such buffering & slow run of YouTube videos. We have several ways to fix slowing down or buffering of YouTube videos. Let us discuss each of them in brief.

Procedure to Fix YouTube Buffering & Slow Run Problem

Procedure No 1.
Modify the YouTube URL Prefix

Procedure No 2.
Flush the Browser's Cache memory Once

Procedure No 3.
Decrease the Quality of Video from Settings

Procedure No 4.
Block Unwanted IP Addresses Quickly

Procedure No 5.
Disable the VPN Service (If using)

Illustration on Procedures to fix YouTube Buffering & Slow Run Problem

Procedure No 1 – You may feel that it is rubbish to change the YouTube URL, but it really works. You need to replace the prefix www with ca on URL address. The browser working normally do obey the rule & when it gets affected it works too. For example – Earlier you are typing but now type "" on the URL address. Type and enter will open the homepage of YouTube. Run your favourite video and check if problem is solved else go for Procedure no 2.

Procedure No 2 – Although, every browser has its own Cache memory where it stores the link of recent opened pages. The memory gets bulk every time we open a new page. This bulk memory may hinder the normal execution of YouTube. So, it is recommended to flush/clean the Cache memory available in Web Browser. The Flushing option is available on Settings panel of every Browser. Go through the settings and flush it on your favourite browser. After flushing the cache, open the YouTube and check if problem is solved else move to Procedure No 3.

Procedure No. 3 – If you are meeting the buffering problem then adjusting the Video quality will fix it. Adjusting in the sense, you need to decrease the video quality from Settings button. It is present in the bottom right of the YouTube video playback taskbar. If you are not getting the Quality option from the Settings then update the YouTube App from Play Store (This problem is seen on Apps but not on Computers). In the Quality, there are few values on Pixels (like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p). Select the lower value and check if buffering is clear.

fix YouTube Buffering & Slow Run Problem

Procedure 4 – Some users do not watch contents directly from YouTube but gets into it indirectly from other websites. As a result, Service Providers throttle the speed of streaming video as per their interest. There are two such IP addresses that must be blocked soon. They are and As soon you block these IP Addresses, your YouTube will run normally. How to block such IP Addresses? You need to run Command on Command Prompt Window. So, Open the Command Prompt window with Admin privilege. Copy, Paste & Enter the command written below --

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="YouTubeTweak" dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

Procedure 5 – This procedure must be followed by those who use VPN service for their own interest. Disable the VPN Service and check if problem is fixed. We recommend our users to use a free VPN Software instead of it for video streaming purpose.

Hope Article helps you lot!

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