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What is Virtual Reality Sickness?

What is Virtual Reality Sickness?

What is Virtual Reality Sickness?What is Virtual Reality Sickness? - Virtual Reality Sickness is also termed as VR Sickness. We can also call it as Cybersickness. The term cyber sickness doesn’t means that user is viewing a PC for a larger number of time a day. User can also call it as Motion Sickness. As feel in our day to day life. We can all cyber sickness as the effect which subject to total immersion (VR) in which external audio, visual and possibly tactile sensation (When using Glove) are replaced by Computer Generated Information. It also include Cyber Stalking which occur over the internet.

Like while playing a VR Game. It involve a lot of Movement, random falls and all the action we need. It makes our inner ear to feel it and we need to balance our Body but our mind knows we are in VR Game.

Reason for Cyber Sickness.

It can be caused due to fast motion on a screen or to spending hours scrolling through Web Pages on Phone or PCs.

The very logical reason for this is, VR headset uses three Visual, vestibular and Proprioceptive. The action happening in the virtual world is as same as real world, things would not have caused a problem. But it won’t happen.

Symptoms of Cyber sickness or VR Sickness.

If user is not able to play VR games constantly and needs constant breaks, then user is suffering from cybersickness.

Symptoms also include Headache, Confusion, and feeling of Throwing up and need to take rest.

Few other symptoms are stress or eyestrain, dizziness or nausea.

How to Treat VR Sickness.
Have a cool and Comfortable Environment: - User need to set up his VR in his comfort zone. AC room is preferred.

2. Have Regular Breaks. User needs to take regular breaks while enjoying VR games. Anything prolonged draws too much energy from our body and mind.

There is a lot of more steps which can be taken to reduce VR sickness like viewing distance, focusing on point etc.

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