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Differences between AR, MR, and VR

Differences between AR, MR, and VR


Both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies have seen heavy improvements in 2017 and will continue to do so throughout 2018 and beyond. Although both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality deal with the artificial environment and digitally modified images, both are very different technologies. Mixed reality is another kind of technology that is gaining traction now.

Augmented Reality (AR)-

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A technology where the real-world environment is ‘augmented’ by digitally rendered images, graphics, sound, video or data. Augmented reality enhances the real world and also the individual’s perception of reality. Augmentation of the real world is performed in real time which helps the user by supplying information, data, images or graphics about a particular thing or topic. Example: AR allows the user to look at a house and see its pricing, statistics and current ownership details in real time.

Virtual Reality (VR)-

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Virtual Reality or VR is the computer technology that creates virtual environments and generates realistic images, sounds or other sensations which stimulates the user to feel being present in the virtual environment. This is achieved by using VR headsets that may or may not use a graphics card of its own. VR also allows its users to interact with the environment and use them in any and every way possible.

Mixed reality (MR)-

[caption id="attachment_19914" align="alignnone" width="300"]Differences between AR, MR, and VR Differences between AR, MR, and VR[/caption]

Mixed Reality or MR is the combination of virtual and real worlds to produce new visualizations and environments where visual objects coexist with real-world objects and are displayed in real time. Mixed reality is also described as hybrid reality. Mixed reality is the blending of both Augmented and Virtual reality.

Differences between AR, VR, and MR-

The major difference between AR and VR is the fact that AR users remain in touch with the real world whereas in VR the users are immersed in a virtual world and lose most/all contact with the real one. The better the immersion experience, the better the VR or AR.

AR users interact with both real and virtual objects whereas VR users can only interact with virtual 3-D objects. VR is mostly used for gaming and entertainment whereas AR has a number of practical applications.

Mixed reality combines both elements of AR and VR and offers the user a unique experience.

Market and sales wise, AR is leading the industry with VR and MR lagging behind. There are several AR products already on the market and more are expected to launch soon. VR is still in the R&D phase and companies and corporations are still testing and researching on integrating new features into the VR headsets.

Best AR Technologies 2018

Google Cardboard AR- Google Cardboard offers cheap AR features with the help of its cardboard device and many other companies have decided to follow similar setups for their own AR devices. Companies like Aryzon, Mira Prism, Lenovo Mirage all have a same basic setup where the screen of the mobile phone reflects onto the specialized lens to create a hologram effect.

Another example of AR is the Google Glasses that has been on the market for quite some time. AR Glasses offers one of the best AR experiences around.


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