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How to extend life of Smartphone Batteries

How to extend life of Smartphone Batteries

How to extend life of Smartphone Batteries - Today smartphones are seen on each hand due to its extraordinary gain like Gaming, movies, chatting, shopping and social linking. According to study, average users use smartphone for 4 to 5 hours a day in intervals or continuously. To avail smartphone services all the time user need to charge its battery many times. The plugging of smartphones for charging depends upon the use of the users. Some of them charge battery at night so that it will be 100 % on the next morning. Some of them charge the battery at regular intervals in day time.

Peoples have also some notions regarding charging practices. Some think that charging at night till Monday will overcharge the battery. Some think that charging all the time will overcharge or dismiss the battery life. Some people drain their battery completely and then charge it upto 100%. We are here with the tips and thoughts which will extend your battery life in reality. We will discuss and dismiss the irrelevant myths over charging processes.

  1. Let your battery run down between charges

It will be better for you to plug your phone in at regular interval throughout the day than to drain your battery completely and then recharge. Kindly maintain battery capacity between 40 to 80 percent. The reason behind it is that the device would wear out faster if it is heavily used. In other terms it is calculate with an indicator known as depth of discharge (DoD) which determines the cycle count of battery. Since Smaller the value of DoD, longer would be the life of the battery.

  1. Heat is a big player:

Heat is a bigger factor related to threat compared to your day to day charging practices. Don't let your smartphone charging on direct sun or dashboard of your car. The sun rays and car dashboard may transfer their heat inside the battery to drain its capacity. The lithium ion battery will face corrosion and gets deteriorated after few days. According to researchers - When battery is charged fully at 40 degrees Celsius it will lose its capacity by 35 percent.

  1. Don't worry if you charge your smartphone full night.

If your phone charger is ok, no need to plug out your smartphone overnight. The charger of your phone is very smarter today. It will slowly recharge until it is full or saturated at 4.1 volts. It always maintains battery at 4.1 and do not overcharge it. The charging process ends when battery possess 4.1 volts of capacity.

  1. A battery should be calibrated after 3 months by letting it run down until the low battery light appears and then recharging fully.

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