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How Google Map Traffic Prediction System works

How Google Map Traffic Prediction System works

How Google Map Traffic Prediction System works - We all are familiar about Google Map and its advantageous features. With the help of Google Map a person can find the exact location of any object, Buildings, Railway stations, favourite spots, nearby terrestrial and geographical view and many others. Google map also helps us to find the exact distance between two places. It has the capability to calculate the exact time which should be taken by a person to cross any particular road or area. Google map also suggests the alternate route to reach the destination. In one word we can say that Google map is a best guider for people who are new for any place.

How Google Map Traffic Prediction System works

All these features and the exact prediction of Google map are due to the use of modern & reliable technology. How does Google map make this impossible possible? In this article we will talk about the technology adopted by Google map to provide such advantageous features.

Among all above features the red, green and yellow route on Google map clearly indicates the congestion level (Clear/ slow moving/ heavily congestion traffic). It will help user to determine the fastest route for their destination.

The basis of prediction of Traffic level rely on two important factors –

  1. Historical data about the average time taken to travel a particular section of road at specific time and day.

  2. Real time data sent by Sensors and modern Smartphones.

The traffic sensors installed by Govt transportation agency or private firms with the view to compile daily traffic data was used in earlier version of Google Maps. But at present Google uses data from Radar, active infrared or laser radar technology which has the ability to detect the size and speed of passing vehicle. These data are then transmitted wirelessly to the dedicated server. The server store this real time traffic update as historical data which later predict traffic volume when in demand.

Today most of the users are using Smartphone having GPS location enabled features. The GPS location of person in motion also helps Google to pool its database. In 2013, Google had acquired Waze which help drivers to report the traffic incidents including accidents, disabled vehicles, speed traps and slowdowns.

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