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ALGOL Algorithmic Computer Programming Language

ALGOL Algorithmic Computer Programming Language

ALGOL Algorithmic Computer Programming LanguageALGOL Algorithmic Computer Programming Language - ALGOL is abbreviated as Algorithmic Programming Langauge. ALGOL programming language is one of the high level programming language which is designed for scientific computations. ALGOL was used mostly by research computer scientists in the United States and in Europe ALGOL was the second generation programming language which consider data structure which are the close concept used in first generation structures. It was developed in the mid -1950s, which influence many other programming language. ALGOL programming language was designed by an international committee of Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) led by Alan J. Perlis of Carnegie Mellon University, during 1958–60 for publishing algorithms as well as for doing computations in block structure.

Some of the ALGOL characteristics are –

  1. Dynamic arrays – The range is specified by variable so that the size of the array is set during time storage allocation.

  2. User defined data types – It allow user to create a data abstraction that is useful for user to define their own data types.

  3. Reserved Words – In this the symbol used for keywords are not allowed to use as identifiers by the programmer.

What are the benefits of ALGOL Programming Language?

  1. Development Cost would be low.

  2. The Language and its Implementation is Mature

  3. It is ISO recognised International Standard Language

  4. It is friendly in terms of Intraoperatively with Other language

  5. It is very easy to Train Programmers

  6. The Practical Usage are successful

  7. It is reliable in terms of Software Portability

The first release of ALGOL was ALGOL 58, and then revised version was ALGOL 60 and ALGOL 68.ALGOL 58 was released on 1958, ALGOL 60 was released on 1960 and Algol 68 was released on 1973. Although ALGOL never reached the level of commercial popularity as compared to FORTRAN and COBOL. In ALGOL 60 the block structure was introduced which is defined as the ability to create blocks of statements for the scope of variables and the influence of control statements. The ALGOL 60 uses control statements like if –then – else, which is a general control condition used during recursion, iteration etc. ALGOL 60 allow two evaluation strategies for parameter passing – call by values and call by reference.

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