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5G Fifth Generation Mobile Networks

5G Fifth Generation Mobile Networks

5G Fifth Generation Mobile Networks - 5G or Fifth Generation is the next telecommunication upgradation beyond the current 4G Standards. 5G aims to extend the capacity of 4G network in terms of higher density of mobile broadband users, wireless system, reliability, massive, speed, capacity and lower latency as well. 5G will rolled out in market to meet business and consumer demand by 2020. 5G will be significantly faster than 4G allowing higher gain across all capable devices with an expected download speed of 10,000 Mbps. The Greater bandwidth will faster the download speeds and aggravate to run more complex internet apps. A reliable wireless internet connection depends on the number of devices connected to one channel. With the introduction of 5G to the wireless spectrum, this will relax the overcrowding frequency range. But 5G will cost much more to implement and the previous handsets seem to be out of date.

5G Networks Technology must follow these Criteria

  1. Signalling Efficiency enhanced much from earlier once.

  2. Several thousands of simultaneous connections established

  3. 1 to 10Gbps connections to end points in the areas.

  4. 1000 multiple bandwidth per unit area

  5. 90 percent reduction in network energy usage

  6. 100 percent coverage established

  7. 99.999 percent availability of network.

  8. Up to 10-year battery life for low power, machine-type devices

  9. One millisecond end-to-end round trip delay

Advantages and Disadvantage of 5G Mobile Networks


  1. Significantly faster than 4G Networks.

  2. Higher Productivity

  3. Download speed of 10000 Mbps.

  4. Greater Bandwidth

  5. Faster Downloading Speed

  6. Giving rise to new 5G smart phones


  1. The Cost induced for maintaining infrastructure will be very high.

  2. The Older below 4G and 4G mobile gets outdated.

  3. Greater risk of overcrowding of radioactive frequencies across the network.

  4. Users expense on mobile phone data increases.

About 5G Network Communication Network Players

Companies like Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, Ericsson and other are pledging huge amount of money to continue research for 5G Technology. They are creating partnerships with each other to help out to give a reliable & successful network. While Qualcomm and Samsung focussed on 5G hardware, making 5G modems and home routers. Nokia and Ericsson are aiming at mobile carriers rather than consumers. Alternatively 5G give chance to telecom companies, governments, technology companies to unify and create new living world in a digital age. Some outstanding advancements such as self-driving cars, remote-controlled surgery and self-ordering fridges can be possible with the help of new 5G Technology.

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