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What is Computer Virus

What is Computer Virus

What is Computer VirusWhat is Computer Virus - Virus is an executable program which attaches itself to a program or file enabling it to spread from one computer to another, leaving infections as it travels. Almost all viruses are attached to the executable file and it will affect only when these executable files are opened or executed. The virus is spread from one computer to another by sharing infected files or sending emails with viruses as attached in the emails.

How we get to know a virus has attacked our computer?

  1. An annoying message appearing continuously on computer screen.

  2. Reduced memory or disk space instantly.

  3. Automatic modification of data.

  4. Files overwritten or damaged

  5. Hard drive erased

If we see any of the errors prompting on our computer screen then we get to know our system gets affected with computer virus.

Types of Computer Viruses

  1. File Virus – Major attacks are due to these types of virus. This virus attaches itself to the program files.

  2. Boot Sector Virus – These viruses infect floppy and hard drives. In this case, the virus program is loaded before the operating systems.

  3. Macro Virus – This type of file infects documents. This type of virus uses an applications own macro programming features to distribute themselves. It does not affects programs but documents

  4. Virus Hoax – The category of virus fall under imaginations to the public.

What is the difference between Virus, Worms and Trojan Horses

All the three are malicious program files that damage the computer, but they are totally different according to the conceptions.

What is a Worm?

A worm is a program similar to virus and is considered to be sub class of Virus. It travels from one computer to another without human interventions. It took the advantage of transport features of files and information. The biggest danger with the worm is its capability to replicate itself. A single worm can create hundreds or thousands of copies of itself, creating huge devastating effect.

Example – Blaster worm – the worm has been designed to tunnel into the system allowing malicious users to control the computer remotely.

What is a Trojan Horse?

The Trojan Horse tricked program by which a legitimate source enters someone computer backdoor giving malicious users access to computer system. This type of malicious program hack confidential or personal information from someone's computer system. Trojan Horse do not reproduce by infecting other files nor do they self replicate.

How to Remove Virus from our Computer?

There are some antivirus software which is available on market, which protects our computer from Virus as well as Trojan and Worms. There are two main ways of virus removal.

  1. Use of Heuristic Algorithms – Heuristic detection is generic detection designed to detect new or previously unseen malware. So it can be useful for detection and prevention of new malwares.

  2. Using Virus Signature and definition – During a virus scan, antivirus software compares the content on a computer against its virus definition database. The virus definition database, enables antivirus software to effectively detect viruses upon the discovery of any of the code included in the virus definition database.

This is all about What is Computer Virus which we must know in order to keep our computer in correct manner.

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