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Semi Conductor Material Properties

Semi Conductor Material Properties

Semi Conductor Material PropertiesSemi Conductor Material Properties - A semiconductor is a substance, generally a solid chemical element or compound which conduct electricity under certain conditions, making it a good medium for electrical current under controlled situation. Its conduction existence depends upon the current or voltage threshold at which it works like a conductor. Until threshold value is reached it behave like an insulator. So we can say it falls between the properties of insulator and conductor.

A semiconductor is a material that has unique property while reacting at presence of electrical current. It is a material that has lower resistance to the flow of electrical current in one direction than in another. The electrical conductivity of a semiconductor exists between a good conductor (like copper) and an insulator (like rubber). This is the reason its name is such like semi-conductor. A semiconductor is a material whose electrical conductivity can be changed by applying variations in temperature, environment and adding impurities.

The development of Semiconductor substance was a historical event in the history of the world because it totally changed the aspect of electronics world. The cost of making electrical and electronics components become very less compared to previous one.

When semiconductor devices was not known or discovered, the cost of making electronics items was too much. But the discovery of semiconductor materials allowed tremendous advancements in the field of electronics and communication. We use semiconductors for the miniaturization of computers and computer accessories. We use semiconductors for the manufacturing of electronic items like diodes, transistors, capacitor, resistance, amplifiers, oscillators, digital circuits, high speed computer chips and many others.

Semiconductor materials are found in the elements like silicon and germanium, while the compound material like gallium arsenide, lead sulphide,  indium phosphide also contain semi-conductor properties. There are many other semiconductors substance which are made from certain plastics which then used for light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which are flexible, reliable and can be moulded in any desired shape.

What are the Properties of Semiconductor Substance?

Some of the properties of semi-conductor substance are given below.

  1. Thermal Energy Conversion – The features are useful in thermoelectric generators, thermoelectric coolers.

  2. Light Emission due to exited electrons.

  3. Excited Electrons due to difference in electric potential

  4. Heterojunctions occurs when two varied semiconductor material are mixed together.

  5. Conductivity variance.

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