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Computer Architecture Implementation Computer System

Computer Architecture Implementation Computer System

Computer Architecture Implementation Computer SystemComputer Architecture Implementation Computer System - Computer Architecture is defined as the way how all internal hardware and software are interconnected such that the functionality, organisation and implementation of computer systems become feasible and running. The key concept in Computer Architecture is pipelining.

A computer is a complex device containing many sub-systems. Each sub-system is an important basic parts of computer hardware. The set of rules how they interact without complexity is done though concept of Computer Architecture. The hardware of a computer which interacts are CPU, Motherboard, Power Supply, BUS, Clock, Network Card, Monitor, Fans, Memory, IO Devices and others.

When the first Computer Architecture implemented?

The first Computer architecture was designed for Analytical Engine, which was developed by Charles Babbage with her assistant Ada Lovelace. At that two early architecture concepts was popular namely – John von Neumann's and Alan Turing.

The Computer architecture is done in such a way that it meets some constraints like Performance, Power efficiency, Shifts in market demand, Memory capacity and latency. During designing a computer system these constraints/ factors must be kept under consideration. For performance, the IPC (Instruction per cycle) is the measure by which the efficiency of the architecture is counted at any clock frequency. Since a faster rate can make a faster computer. For Power efficient, the computer system should consume less power during processing which is measured in MIPS/W unit. Since the modern circuits consume less power due to less power consumption by transistor. As a result more transistor can be incorporated to make computer more efficient. Computer Architecture Implementation Computer System is followed.

Implementation of Computer Architecture

The design process by which the internal parts of the circuit board are placed and scheduled are known as implementation. The implementation is further divided into more steps –

  1. Logic Implementation – which include designing circuits at logic gate level.

  2. Circuit implementation – which include designing of transistor level basic elements like gates, multiplexers, latches, ALU, Caches.

  3. Physical Implementation – which include designing the physical circuits according to logic and circuit implementation as how wires are drawn on board.

  4. Design validation – Now time for testing the computer as a whole to see if it works in all situations and timings.

The Design Goals of Computer Architecture

While designing compute system some parameters should be kept in mind, which are the key concept for successful creation of computers. These constraints are given below. The computer system should be ----

  1. Functional

  2. Reliable

  3. High performance

  4. Low cost

  5. Low power consumption

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