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What is Operating System in Computer Technology

What is Operating System in Computer Technology

What is Operating System in Computer TechnologyAn Operating System is a Program/ Software which manages Computer hardware and software resources. Operating System creates an environment by which a user can access the computer hardware and software. Some of popular operating systems are DOS, OS/2, Windows, Linux, macOS etc. The most common features of Operating systems are – Process Management, Memory Management, File System Management, Device driver operation, Networking, Security and I/O Operations. The answer for What is Operating System in Computer Technology is illustrated below.

Classification of Operating System:

  1. Multi-user – In this type of operating system, two or more than two users can access the computer resources at the same time.

  2. Multiprocessing – In this type of operating system, more than one CPU is running the program simultaneously.

  3. Multitasking – It allow more than one program to run concurrently.

  4. Multithreading – It allow different part of a single program to run concurrently.

  5. Real time OS – It allows responding to current input instantly. DOS and Unix are not Real Time OS.

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Types of Operating Systems:

  1. What is Single and Multi-tasking Operating System

The operating system can run only one program a time is called Single tasking System. The operating system which can run more than one program at a time is called as Multi –Tasking Operating System. In this OS time sharing of available processor is done. Ex 1. – Palm OS is best example of Single tasking OS. Ex- 2. – Microsoft Window 2000 is best example of Multi Tasking OS.

  1. What is Single and Multi-user Operating System

In Single user operating system, only one user work or utilise computer resources at one time. Example of Single user OS are Mac OS X, Some Linux and some Windows. In Multi User OS more than one user interact with the system at the same time. Example of Multi-user OS is Unix Servers- where multiple remote user access the Unix shell prompt at the same time frame.

  1. What is Distributed Operating System

The distributed operating system manages a group of computers and makes them appear to be a single computer. The networking technology gave birth to distributing computing system. Single operation is done with the help of information from more than one computer. This concept is used by large firms or organisations.

  1. What is Templated Operating System

In this operating system, it creates a virtual machine image for guest computer and this serves a source to operate multiple virtual machines.

  1. What is Embedded Operating System

This type of OS is used in machines like PDA. They are operated with a limited number of resources. An embedded operating system is a specialized OS for use in the computers built into larger systems. Example – ATMs, POS machine, Digital Camera, GPG navigation system, Digital television etc.

  1. What is Real-Time Operating System

A real-time operating system is an operating system that can process task or data in a specific period of time. A real-time operating system can be single- or multi-tasking, but when it is multitasking, it uses special scheduling algorithms so that a deterministic nature of behaviour is created. Such applications include small embedded systems, automobile engine controllers, industrial robots, spacecraft, industrial control and large-scale computing systems.

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