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What is Computer Software ?

What is Computer Software ?

What is Computer Software ?What is Computer Software ? – The Software is a program/ Code written in High level or Low level language by programmer which is executed by computer machine  to perform the desired task. The computer software is also abbreviated as set or collection of instruction which is understandable by computer machine. The computer software is the intelligence mechanism which operate the machine resources as it wants. Without a software, the computer hardware is nothing but a dumb machine. The program or software can be Operating system, File management utilities, disk operating system, Microsoft Office Suite, Device drivers, Internet Brower and many others.

Classification of Computer Software

The computer software is classified into two main category based on working principle. These two are System Software and Application Software. Further the application software is divided into system software and application software. It is designed to perform some specific tasks such as data processing, information sharing, communication, and so on. It can also be classified according to range of potential of working application. The classification details is discussed below.

What is Computer Software ?

What is System Software ?

  1. System software – The system software manage and control the internal operations of a computer system. It is a group or set of programs, which is fully responsible for using computer resources efficiently and effectively. For example, an operating system like Window 7 is a system software, which controls the hardware, operate memory and other multitasking functions, utilities, debugger, compilers and others.

  2. Personal computer (PC) software - This software is used for both official and personal use nowadays. The personal computer software market has grown drastically in the last two decades from easy normal text editor to word processor application and from simple paintbrush in paint to advanced image-editing software. This software is used in abundance in almost every field like database management system (DBMS), financial accounting package and multimedia-based software. The PC software has emerged as a versatile tool for routine applications nowadays.

  3. Web-based software: This software acts as an interface between the user like (a person using computer machine) and the Internet. Data on the Internet is in the form of text, audio, video format, which are linked with hyperlinks. Web browser is a software application which retrieves unique web pages from the Internet. The software include executable set of instructions written in special scripting languages such as CGI or ASP. Apart from this uses on the Web, this software also allow additional features that are useful while surfing the Internet.

  4. Artificial intelligence (AI) software: This software is used where the problem-solving methods are non-algorithmic in nature. The solutions to such problems are generally non-agreeable to computation or further analysis. These problems require specific problem-solving technique that includes expert system, pattern recognition and game-playing techniques. They include many form of search techniques which include the use of heuristics.

  5. Business software: This software is widely used in areas where management and control mechanism of financial activities are very importance. The basic component of a business system comprises payroll, inventory and accounting software that permit the user to access important and needed data from the database. These type of activities are usually done with the help of special business software that facilitates easy framework in business operations and in management decisions.

  6. Real-time software: This software observe, analyse, and control real world Happenings as they occur recently. A real-time system emphasises guarantees regarding quick response to an external event within a scheduled period of time. The example is the software used for weather forecasting that collects and processes data like temperature, pressure and humidity from the external environment to forecast the weather.

What is Computer Software ? - The Answer is Continued..

Characteristics of Computer Software

Some of the main characteristics of software are given below.

  1. Functionality – It explains the degree of performance respect to intended work.

  2. Reliability – software ability to provide accessibility under certain conditions.

  3. Portability – the program or software can be transferred from one platform to another platform. Like Window to Linux OS

  4. Maintainability – The software can be modified at any stage or time so that the functionality of software can be changed or modified according to use.

  5. Usability – The software is so designed or coded so it can be used easily.

  6. Efficiency – The efficiency of computer software is fully maintained at any stage of functionality. It can be used in effective and efficient manner.

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