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What are the Types of Computer

What are the Types of Computer

What are the Types of ComputerAfter the Fifth Generation of Computer the Characterisation Started. The computer is characterised though various parameters like working principle, Size, Efficiency, Memory and No of Users. Let us discuss all parameters one by one. The answer of questions like What are the Types of Computer is given in details below.

On the basis of Working Principle:

  1. Analog Computer: An Analog computer is a form of computer that uses continuous physical phenomenon such as electrical, Mechanical or hydraulic quantities to design the problem being solved. For Example – Thermometer, Speedometer, Petrol Pump Indicator and Multimeter.

  2. Digital Computer: A computer that performs calculations and logical operations with quantities represented as digits, usually in the binary number system.

  3. Hybrid Computer: A combination of computers those are capable of inputting and outputting in both Digital and Analog signals. A hybrid computer system setup offers a cost effective method of performing complex simulations.

On the basis of Size:

What is Super Computer?

Super Computer:

They are the fastest and most expensive machines. They have high processing speed compared to other computers. They have also multiprocessing technique. One of the ways in which supercomputers are built is by interconnecting hundreds of microprocessors. Super computers are used for Weather forecasting, biomedical research, remote sensing, aircraft design and other areas of graphics, fluid dynamic calculations, Nuclear Energy Research and petroleum exploration. For Example – CRAY YMP, CRAY 2, NEC SX-3, CRAY XMP and PARAM in India. \The Question may arise like - What are the Types of Computer ? The answer of this query is continued..

What is Main Frame Computer?

Main Frame Computer: A very large and expensive computer capable of supporting hundreds, or even thousands of users simultaneously. In the hierarchy that starts with a simple microprocessor at the bottom and moves to supercomputers at the top, mainframes are just below supercomputers. In some ways, mainframes are most powerful than supercomputers because they support more simultaneous programs. But Supercomputers can execute a single program faster than a mainframe. They are used in centralized databases.

What is Mini Computer?

Mini Computer: In Size and Power, minicomputers lie between Workstations and main frames. This is designed to support more than one user at a time. In the past decade, the distinction between large minicomputers and small mainframes has blurred, however as has the distinction between small minicomputers and workstations. But in General, a minicomputer is a multiprocessing system capable of supporting from 4 to 200 users simultaneously. They are also used as servers in Local Areas Networks (LAN).

What is Micro Computer?

Micro Computer: Microcomputers is at the lowest end of the computer range in terms of speed and storage capacity. Its CPU is a microprocessor. The first microcomputers were built of 8 bit microprocessor chips. The most common application of personal computers (PC) is in this category. The PC supports a number of input and output devices. An improvement of 8-bit chip is 16 bit and 32 bit chips. Examples – IBM PC, PC-AT.

What is Desktop Computer?

Desktop Computer: A Personal or micro computer sufficient to fit on a desk. The monitor, CPU, UPS, Mouse, Printer and other I/O Device are best suited as destop computer components.

What is Laptop Computer?

Laptop Computer: A portable computer complete with an integrated screen and keyboard. It is generally smaller in size than a desktop computer and larger than a notebook computer.

What is Palmtop Computer?

Palmtop Computer: Computer/ Digital Diary/ Notebook/ PDAs are examples of palmtop computer. A hand sized computer is also known as Palmtop Computer. Palmtops have no keyboard but the screen serve both as input and output device.

On the basis of Brand:

  1. IBM PC: The computers manufactured by IBM Company are called IBM computers. IBM is one of the leading companies in computer industry.

  2. IBM Compatible Computers: Computers developed on the principle of IBM computers are called IBM compatible. It can perform all the tasks which IBM PC does, but less expensive than original computers.

  3. Apple/ Macintosh: The computer manufactured by the Apple Company are called Apple Computers. They are specially used in Desktop-Designing. They are quite expensive than IBM and IBM compatible.

This is all about What are the Types of Computer ? We will discuss new topics in next page;

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