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What is Computer Software ?

What is Computer Software ?

What is Computer Software ? – The Software is a program/ Code written in High level or Low level language by programmer which is executed by computer machine  to perform the desired task. The computer software is also abbreviated as set or collection of instruction which is understandable by computer machine. The computer software is the intelligence mechanism which operate the machine resources as it wants. Without a software, the computer hardware is nothing but a dumb machine. The program or software can be Operating system, File management utilities, disk operating system, Microsoft Office Suite, Device drivers, Internet Brower and many others.

Classification of Computer Software

The computer software is classified into two main category based on working principle. These two are System Software and Application Software. Further the application software is divided into system software and application software. It is designed to perform some specific tasks s…

OSI Model and Its Seven Layers

OSI Model and Its Seven Layers

OSI Model – Definition - What are the Seven Layer of OSI Model? The OSI (Open System Interconnection) model is developed by (International Standard Organisation) ISO in 1984 to provide a virtual / conceptual model for the aspects context to network communication. It divides the vary services and functions provided by network hardware and software in seven layers. A layer serves the layer above it and is served by the layer below it. It has seven layers, where each layer describe a different functions of data traveling through the network. The more regarding OSI Model and Its Seven Layers is discussed below.

The Application, Presentation and Session layer are known as the Upper Layer and are implemented in software applications. The Transport and Network layer are concerned with protocols for delivery and routing of packets to a destination and are implemented in software. The Data Link is implemented in hardware & software, the Physical layer is implem…

What is Operating System in Computer Technology

What is Operating System in Computer Technology

An Operating System is a Program/ Software which manages Computer hardware and software resources. Operating System creates an environment by which a user can access the computer hardware and software. Some of popular operating systems are DOS, OS/2, Windows, Linux, macOS etc. The most common features of Operating systems are – Process Management, Memory Management, File System Management, Device driver operation, Networking, Security and I/O Operations. The answer for What is Operating System in Computer Technology is illustrated below.

Classification of Operating System:

Multi-user – In this type of operating system, two or more than two users can access the computer resources at the same time.
Multiprocessing – In this type of operating system, more than one CPU is running the program simultaneously.
Multitasking – It allow more than one program to run concurrently.
Multithreading – It allow different part of a single program to run concurr…

What is Internet Technology?

What is Internet Technology?

What is Internet ? or What is Internet Technology? The internet is defined as the system by which millions of computer from all over the world from remote places are linked one another to exchange data, news and Knowledges. The millions of computers may be situated in one country to another, one state to another state, one city to another city etc. It means each computer can access the data and information of other computer. The internet uses a protocol suite (TCP/IP) to share each other resources and information.

What is Internet Technology - The theory is continued..

It is also called network of Networks where each network are attached with another network via Internet Protocols. The Internet carries an extensive range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW), electronic mail, telephony, and peer-to-peer networks for file sharing.

In 1980, the first Internet called ARPANE…

What are the Uses of Computer

What are the Uses of Computer

The computer are used to control small to large machine which are controlled by humans earlier. The computer uses vary from listening music to manipulate satellites. Some of the common and extensive use of computer are discussed here. The students use computer for their study background, the doctor uses computer to see the reports etc. What are the Uses of Computer is discussed below.

Some the Uses of Computer is discussed here:

Computer are used in Education

Health and Medicine







Analysing and Writing

Play video and music

In researches

These are the major uses of computers in modern times.

What is Computer Network

What is Computer Network - Definition of Computer Network

What is computer Network - A computer network is defined as a set of Computers which are connected together for the purpose of sharing data from one computer to another. The most common technology which is used today to join more than one computer is Internet. The computer from remote places can be connected via Internet. We go in details regarding Internet in next article. Here we will give more emphasis on computer networks. The computer or PC can be connected by a printer using computer network technology. The medium may be physical or invisible which we call WIFI, Bluetooth, Infrared etc. In this topic we will discuss in details the types of computer networks by which more than one computer can be connected. There are several different types of computer networks. Computer networks can be characterized by their size as well as their purpose.

What are the Types of Networks?

There are various types of network technology by which …

What are the Types of Computer

What are the Types of Computer

After the Fifth Generation of Computer the Characterisation Started. The computer is characterised though various parameters like working principle, Size, Efficiency, Memory and No of Users. Let us discuss all parameters one by one. The answer of questions like What are the Types of Computer is given in details below.

On the basis of Working Principle:

Analog Computer: An Analog computer is a form of computer that uses continuous physical phenomenon such as electrical, Mechanical or hydraulic quantities to design the problem being solved. For Example – Thermometer, Speedometer, Petrol Pump Indicator and Multimeter.

Digital Computer: A computer that performs calculations and logical operations with quantities represented as digits, usually in the binary number system.

Hybrid Computer: A combination of computers those are capable of inputting and outputting in both Digital and Analog signals. A hybrid computer system setup offers a cost effective method of perf…

Input and Output Devices of a Computer

Input and Output Devices of a Computer

Input Devices:
An Input device are mechanical device which helps user to input the data in to your computer machine. There are various types of input device by which a user can ask computer to solve their query or processes. The input data form may be text, sound, video, artwork etc. Then the computer understand the input what a user is asking for. Then Process it and displays output in computer screen or output devices. Input and Output Devices of a Computer is explained below in understandable language.

The common input devices are Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Joy Stick, Touch pad, Track ball, Bar code Reader etc. In this article we discuss properties of each input in simple and precise manner.

Major Input devices of a Computers:

Who invented the Keyboard?

Keyboard: A keyboard is an input device which look just like a typewriter. The QWERT keyboard was invented in 18th Century by Christopher Latham Sholes. The keyboard consists of numbers of buttons for…

The Generation of Computer – Which Generation is Going On

The Generation of Computer – Which Generation is Going On

There are totally five Generation of Computers. The Generation of Computers is so called because the development of Computers was done in phases. In each Phase or Generation, the essential parts or components used was different. There are few questions which comes in our mind like. Which Generation of Computer is going on? How many Generation of Computers are there? What is the First Generation of computers? What is the Second Generation of Computer? What is the Third Generation of Computer? What is the Fourth Generation of Computer? What is the Fifth Generation of Computer? The Generation of Computer – Which Generation is going on?

To know the exact answer regarding all above queries, read below our interesting short description regarding Generation of Computer.

The Generation of Computer

How many Generation of Computers are there?

Till now, there are Five Generation of Computer. Now a days the Fifth Generation of Computer are used…

History of Computer and Computing Devices

History of Computer and Computing Devices

When do the First Computer Invented? There is no exact answer to this query. But one who is known as Father of Computer, has contributed a lot which resembles present day computer system principles. The effort of human to calculated large numbers gave birth to the History of Computer. The process of counting large numbers generated various systems of numeration based on Babylonian system, Greek System, Roman System and Indian System of numeration. Out of these Systems, Indian System of Numeration – Decimal system was accepted universally. By using Decimal system, a computer can process any mathematical calculations. The Decimal system uses – (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) digits to solve all computations. But surprisingly this decimal system is not understandable by computer machine. The machine can understand only binary digits i.e. 0 & 1. Some of the excellent Calculating device which was discovered by Scientists and Engineers of early time is exp…

History of Robotics – A Past of Robot Technology

History of Robotics – A Past of Robot Technology

What is Robotics? - The branch of technology which engaged in the design, construction, application, and Operation of Robots. This assumption of Robots like creature which will easy human life was under consideration before 18th century. Today Robots are mostly used in place of number of humans to perform any job or task. Robots are humanoid machines – machines that mimic, or excel, humans in purpose and shape. They can perform work in very less time with accuracy. Here will be focus on History of Robotics. How Robotics can into existence? Who had contributed a lot in designing this beautiful Human like Creature? What are the important laws related to Robotics? So we start our topic History of Robotics – A Past of Robot Technology below.

Do you Know Some One will Replace Us from this Planet?

This is very interesting to know that Science has discovered a Creature which will replace us from our Planet. These are not Aliens but Robots. In thi…

Top 5 Windows 10 Hacks

Find How to Hack the Best out of Windows 10 Features:

This time we have brought to you tricks to modify the windows. You can use it to change, modify and improve your version of Windows. Here are the top 5 Ways you can do that:

Enable GOD Mode in Windows 10
Name a folder "GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}". Now you are just one click away to deal with all the settings available in Windows 10. Just open the folder and type your query into the search bar, to find a setting. Once you're done, you can change the name of the folder to any name of your choice.

Task Manager for the Geek
Are you still using the old Task Manager? Well, you can use Process Hacker, a tool which real geeks use. With Process Hacker, you get advanced access to all processes, which are all color coded for easier understanding and analysis.  You can see better graphs for understanding resource usage. You can search for processes, replace the default task manager, and it's just awesome when i…